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19 Dec

F45 Wandsworth

So what is this thing I've forked out an admittedly expertly negotiated chunk of cash for? F45, you say... Alright. In for a penny, in for £146.25 Tuesdays ... more
14 Dec

McD teaches Bodypump

Having recently qualified as a Bodypump instructor it seemed only fitting that McD taught the good folk of RCL in a class for his session. Porno, Bob Bell, Drumse... more
28 Nov

Squash Tri-RCLers

Having watched England dramatically turn things around against our foes down under it made me think of the epic battle that was witnessed at the Roehampton club ... more
21 Nov

Thanksgiving RCL

A festive mood abound, a small RCL family of Hey, Bell, Willis and Knowles gathered to make turkeys of each other. Needless to say, Daddy Hey came out smelling ... more
7 Nov

F45 Training

"F45 Training is the new training technique leaving competition and clients gasping for air. F45 is the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training ... more
31 Oct

Clock Action 2

Tonight’s session was topical... fortunately, it didn’t involve any sexual harassment or rape accusations, it was simply based on the clocks going back at the ... more
24 Oct

Metallica plays Wandsworth Arena

James (Knowles) Hetfield, Lars (McD) Ulrich and Kirk (GW) Hammett played a surprise and eclectic set under a moody Halloween sky. Against a sell out crowd ... more
17 Oct

Hula King

Last night saw Wizbot, myself and a welcome return for county Phil take on the Hula king challenge. With an array of different hoops we carried out a number of ... more
10 Oct


Five hardy souls (myself, Bell, Hey, Knowles, Rugeroni) turned out last night to fight a battle of nuclear superpowers in order to prevent Armageddon... First ... more
3 Oct

Monarch Madness

Tonight's session was (tentatively) based on the tragic demise of Monarch Airlines this week. Sadly, I've read that it all happened because the senior managers ... more
27 Sep

Fitness Test: Summer 2017

5 RCLers met at the time-honoured RCL location for what must be our 25th or so fitness test: McD, Wimbern, RB, myself and our esteemed RCL-alum Tony Kitchen. A ... more
12 Sep

Animal Spirits

Session: Wineborn   Four homo sapiens, DW, IW, JH, BK and my little homo sapien Angelica made it along for an Animal Spirits session last night.  The ... more
29 Aug

Swim Trials

Session: Cooper   With the majestic bank holiday weekend and summer drawing to a close it was left to four RCLers (Dave, RB, M McD and me) to fight it ... more
1 Aug

Le Mans 24 Hour

Session: Knowles   A sweaty but social evening with McD, Greg, PLB and I saw us burn plenty of fuel in the Le Mans challenge, but ending putting it all ... more
25 Jul

The Beautiful Game

Session: Willis   On a beautiful evening in Wandsworth Park, six beautiful men played the beautiful game. Myself, McD, Ruge, Robbie, Dave plus a new ... more