Metallica plays Wandsworth Arena

James (Knowles) Hetfield, Lars (McD) Ulrich and Kirk (GW) Hammett played a surprise and eclectic set under a moody Halloween sky.

Against a sell out crowd (incl. 1 tramp, 4 runners, a bemused dog and a shrew), classic hits smashed out were:

  • Don’t tread on me – human hurdles
  • Enter Sandman – creepy man carries
  • Creeping Death – half pitch cockroach, return rat scramble
  • Seek and Destroy – British bulldogs
  • Shadow of the Cross – 10 star jump burpees with alternating forward, backward power rolls
  • Struggle Within – plank to 3.46 track
  • All within my hands – 50 press ups
  • Moth into Flame – 6yd, 18yd, half, full pitch and back sprints
  • House that Jack Built – mountain climbers (he built a chalet)
  • Where ever I roam – 3 laps of pitch

Muffa fkinnnnnn rok n roll!

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