F45 Wandsworth

So what is this thing I’ve forked out an admittedly expertly negotiated chunk of cash for?
F45, you say…
Alright. In for a penny, in for £146.25

Tuesdays are sessions called “Romans”.
All about strength.
You say that, but my strength is running around a muddy football pitch in the dark and the rain.

Present were: D. Winstein, McD, J.Hey, BRKnowles, PPR & Fat Bob Bell.

  • 3 pods
  • 3 exercises in each pod
  • 2 reps of 35 seconds at each exercise
  • Circulate the 3 exercises in each pod twice
  • That’s 1260 seconds (21 mins) of pure effort

And boy did we put in the effort.
Festive feasting-fuelled sweat was pouring out of us in no time. Some more than others…

Dean and Lee, the F45 instructors not only had full sleeves of tattoos, but seemingly eyes in the back of their heads. If ever you started to flag slightly and lose form, they were on you like a shot; making you do the exercise right, making it hurt more and ultimately making you more Roman.

There’s an excellent atmosphere in there. Loads going on around you all the time, but something over and above Dean & Lee’s ninja-like presence forces you to focus on what you’re doing and squeeze the most out of each 35sec segment. The short rest periods are short enough to leave you out of breathe and hurting by the time you go again, but long enough to regain the wherewithal to go hard.
There’s no room for pacing your efforts in here. Every grunt-yielding minute gone is another £0.69 spent. May as well get the most out of it.

Personal favourites were the bungee-assisted pull-ups, stand/squat barbell shoulder press and the inclined dumbbell chest press (it’s good to be back!).

Initial scepticism about forking out for regular RCL sessions soon melted into the sweat filled air of the Wandsworth F45 studio (hut).

Money well spent. There’s a lot to be gained from this little investment.

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