Medicine Ball Volleyball

Last night five of RCL’s fine members – DW, TC, RB, PPR, JH – turned up for a session in the glorious spring evening light.  Even after all this time, the arrival of the first daylight session of the year is a joyous moment.

We started with the inaugural RCL game of Medicine Ball Volleyball (formerly called Hooverball)….which turned out to be a bit of a winner, very tough, great workout and surprisingly no injuries as yet.

For the historians among us, here’s the history of the game:


After the Hooverball we embarked on a HIIT session – singles, couples and threesomes.  45 seconds exercise, 20 second break, each section exercise 4 times, 1 min break in between sections:

– Ice skaters
– Shoot through press ups
– Squat jumps 180 turns

– 2 plyo lunges, 2 squats
– Basketball slide to side then jump shot
– Press up, then superman reach, alternate arms/legs

– Long jump, burpes, high knees back to starting point
– 2 press ups, 2 sprawls, 2 tuck jumps
– 8 punches, 8 star jumps, 8 fast feet.

And that was that.  Who’s up for trying Ultimate Hooverball next time??

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