Monarch Madness

Tonight’s session was (tentatively) based on the tragic demise of Monarch Airlines this week.
Sadly, I’ve read that it all happened because the senior managers failed to act with speed and with skill.
To make up for this, RCL’s speed and skill were both on show this evening.
With over 300,000 Brits stranded in foreign countries we focussed on the non-EU members of Europe.
3 teams of 2 (and one team of 3) were formed:
  • The Civil Aviation Authority (Noz & Ian)
  • The Monarch Pilots (J.Hey, McD & Wizbum)
  • The Monarch Passengers (Belly & PPR)
We started with the country of Iceland:
  • 3 x 18yrd shuttle runs for one team member whilst other does 10 burpees & 20 shoulder presses
  • Shuttle runner then bolts an ice lolly.
  • Once lolly is fully eaten they go back to 3 x 18yrd shuttle runs whilst non runner repeats the burpees & shoulder presses.
  • Fastest team gets 10 points, 2nd team gets 5, 3rd team gets 0.
Next up was to demonstrate speed and skill to return passengers from Norway; home of mountains, fjords, midnight sun. Also home of Anders Breivik Рtopical, considering the events Stateside.
  • 3 x 18yrd shuttle runs & 1x half-way line shuttle. Meanwhile the non-runner held a plank.
  • Shuttle runner shoots a BB-Gun at a target for points.
  • Runner puts in another 3 x 18yrd & 1 x half-way line shuttle run. Non-runner back to plank.
  • Shuttle runner throws 2 boules towards the jack. Closest 3 boules win points for their team.
  • Runner completes another¬†3 x 18yrd & 1 x half-way line shuttle run. Non-runner back to plank.
  • Runner fires final 2 rounds of Nerf gun at toys animal targets. 3 points per animal knocked down.
  • 10 points for fastest team, 5 points for 2nd place, 0 points for losing team.
  • Runner and Planker swap and race starts again.
Finally, we go to Leichtenstein. The only Double-Landlocked country in Europe (there are only 2 in the world – the other is Uzbekistan). A rich country. Consequently, lots of people play golf.
  • 3 x 18yrd shuttle runs & 1x half-way line shuttle. Meanwhile the non-runner does 15 press-ups and 15 squat jumps.
  • Runner chips a golf ball towards the pin.
  • The above is repeated straight after the ball is hit.
  • The roles are swapped.
  • First team to complete all the shuttles, the golf ball hits and the circuits wins 10 point. 2nd team wins 5 points. 3rd team wins 0 points.
  • Closest to the pin wins 20points, 2nd closest wins 10 points, 3rd closest wins 6 points, 4th closest wins 2 points.
The only other non-EU European country to get stranded passengers out of was Switzerland. But they made their own way home (plus I couldn’t find my Swiss ball at home for a game of Circle Ball).
The CAA (Noz & Ian) won with 68 points in total. They each took home a pot of Manomara Sports Salve. Petroleum-free sports-balm to sooth the skin after outdoor pursuits.
The Passengers (Belly & PPR) brought back 48 points.
The Pilots (McD, Jono & Wizbum) finished with a sad 36 points. So badly treated.
Thank you to all attendees. A great start to the new season.

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