Post F45 Moves

JH, BK and myself embarked on a pilgrimage back to our roots in Wandsworth park last night.  
Session was short, sharp and incorporated some of the F45 moves we’d been trying of late. 
It went as below:
40 seconds exercise, 15 seconds break, 2 of each in each group (so 6 in total), 1 minute rest between groups.

1A  Lunge twist

1B  Press Up shoulder over

1C  Burpees

2A  Crab walk in circles in alternate directions

2B  Side planks

2C  Bench triceps

3A  Push up toe tap

3B  Monkey squats side to side, 3 each way

3C Haka jump

4A  Bear crawl 4 forward 4 back

4B  Inch worm out to press ups

4C  Blast off push up

Then we did one more set of group 1.  Took about 35 mins in total.
Actually, it was quite nice to be rolling around in the cold, dark, muddy park again after our winter hiatus.  Who needs F45 after all?!

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