Thanksgiving RCL

A festive mood abound, a small RCL family of Hey, Bell, Willis and Knowles gathered to make turkeys of each other.

Needless to say, Daddy Hey came out smelling of roses (or Reece’s).

Correct answer to the quiz question gets a choice of activity type.

Winner of the activity gets 3 points, then 2, 1, 0

1. Speed

a. Race half the footy pitch

b. Sprint 6 yard, pen box, half way

c. First to 30 plank builders

d. Pac-man

2. Strength

a. 50 press-ups

b. 10 cross-bar chin-ups

c. Bench press the lightest man available

d. Piggy-back to halfway – semi then final

3. Stamina

a. Lap of the park

b. 30 burpees

c. Plank till exhaustion

d. Hang off the cross-bar till exhaustion

# Challenge Bell Hey Willis Knowles
1 2a) 0 1 3 2
2 3a) 3 2 0 1
3 1a) 2 3 0 1
4 1b) 3 2 0 1
5 2b) 1 2 3 0
6 3b) 0 3 1 2
7 2c) 1 0 2 3
8 3c) 0 3 2 1
9 1c) 3 1 0 2
10 2d) 2 2 1 1
11 1d) 1 3 0 2
12 3d) 3 0 1 2

1) Which wild bird was NOT on the Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving menu?

A) Turkey

B) Duck

C) Goose

D) Bald Eagle – The Pilgrims did NOT eat bald eagle at the First Thanksgiving.

2) Approximately how many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving in the United States?

A. 100 million

B. 280 million

C. 500 million

3) What is a baby turkey called?

A. A chick

B. A nestling

C. A poult

4) The Pilgrims celebrated the First Thanksgiving in:

A) Herald Square in New York City

B) Plymouth, Massachusetts – The Pilgrims celebrated the First Thanksgiving in 1621 at their Plymouth, Massachusetts, settlement

C) Washington, DC

D) Jamestown, Virginia

5) The Pilgrims came to America:

A) For religious freedom – The Pilgrims came to America to escape religious persecution.

B) To fight the Indians

C) To start a .com company

D) To trade tea for animal furs

6) In the U.S., Thanksgiving is celebrated on:

A) The day before the Winter Solstice

B) The fourth Thursday of November – Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year in the U.S.

C) The Thursday after the full moon in November

D) The last Thursday of November

7) The Native American Indians who celebrated the First Thanksgiving dinner with the Pilgrims were from which tribe?

A) Cherokee

B) Mohican

C) Wampanoag – The Wampanoag Indians assisted the Pilgrims in their first year and shared the first Thanksgiving dinner with them

D) Pequot

8) The baby born aboard the Mayflower was named:

A) Paul

B) Miles

C) Seamus

D) Oceanus – Oceanus Hopkins was born aboard the Mayflower during the Pilgrims’ two-month voyage to America

9) Before carrying the Pilgrims to America, the Mayflower was:

A) A cruise liner

B) A passenger ferry

C) A battleship

D) A wine vessel – The Mayflower was a wine vessel before its historic role as the Pilgrims’ America-bound transportation

10) Which of these U.S. Presidents could claim Mayflower ancestry?

A) George Washington

B) Gerald Ford

C) George H.W. Bush – George H.W. Bush is a descendant of two Mayflower passengers, John Howland and Francis Cooke. Other U.S. Presidents with Mayflower ancestors are: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, James Garfield, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, of course, George W. Bush

D) Franklin Pierce

11) What do Americans call male turkeys?

A) Toms

B) Tims

C) Johns

D) Jims

12) Each year, Macy’s presents its Thanksgiving Day Parade – what is the longest float featured in the spectacle?

E) Superman

F) Spiderman

G) Ronald McDonald

H) A turkey

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