Fitness Test: Summer 2017

5 RCLers met at the time-honoured RCL location for what must be our 25th or so fitness test: McD, Wimbern, RB, myself and our esteemed RCL-alum Tony Kitchen.

A fine set of results with Wimbern able to join in the bleep test this time even without any acceleration, and McD blitzing 4 minutes in the plank – beating his previous record by a full 2 and a half minutes.

Tony admirably stepped up to beat his chin-up score from his last RCL fitness test in December 2012. Although he fell far short of his last bleep test result which was apparently 16.1… We didn’t have rulers or stopwatches in the old days.

RCLer Bleep Test (level) Plank (mins – to fail) Burpees (1min) Pushups (to fail) Pullups (to fail)
Rob 11.3 2.33 23 53 14
McD 10.5 4.00 22 45 7
DW 7.4 (injured) 2.05 24 35 10
Tony 9.5 2.05 17 30 10

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