Russian Roulette

Last night’s session drew on recent world events and the news that Russia now has access to thousands of commercial and domestic routers in the UK and is able to monitor all traffic going across them. So, If they don’t poison you they’ll document your porn habits and use them against you! Ultimately, there is a ... More

Medicine Ball Volleyball

Last night five of RCL's fine members - DW, TC, RB, PPR, JH - turned up for a session in the glorious spring evening light.  Even after all this time, the arrival of the first daylight session of the year is a joyous moment. We started with the inaugural RCL game of Medicine Ball Volleyball (formerly called Hooverbal... More

Bonnie Wee Laddies

Tonight 5 sturdy adventurers - BK, RB, PPR, DW and JH - took on a test ride of our 3 lakes challenge to get in shape and discovered that it will be really hard. We traveled from Loch Lomond to Lake Windermere to Lake Bala. At each Lake working on first pumping up the Akwakats, then working our quads and our core in turn ... More

Post F45 Moves

JH, BK and myself embarked on a pilgrimage back to our roots in Wandsworth park last night.     Session was short, sharp and incorporated some of the F45 moves we'd been trying of late.    It went as below:   40 seconds exercise, 15 seconds break, 2 of each in each group (so 6 in total), 1 minute rest between ... More

F45 Wandsworth

So what is this thing I've forked out an admittedly expertly negotiated chunk of cash for? F45, you say... Alright. In for a penny, in for £146.25 Tuesdays are sessions called "Romans". All about strength. You say that, but my strength is running around a muddy football pitch in the dark and the rain. Present ... More

McD teaches Bodypump

Having recently qualified as a Bodypump instructor it seemed only fitting that McD taught the good folk of RCL in a class for his session. Porno, Bob Bell, Drumsey (county appearance!!!), Wineborn, Knowles and (future RCLer) Matt Turk joined the class at the fantastic Soho Gyms Waterloo studio. McD team-taught the class ... More

Squash Tri-RCLers

Having watched England dramatically turn things around against our foes down under it made me think of the epic battle that was witnessed at the Roehampton club last Tuesday. Three RCLers (Pete R, Mark McD and Toby) battled for more than an hour on squash court number 1. The handicap system threw up some tense 21-20/2... More

Thanksgiving RCL

A festive mood abound, a small RCL family of Hey, Bell, Willis and Knowles gathered to make turkeys of each other. Needless to say, Daddy Hey came out smelling of roses (or Reece’s). Correct answer to the quiz question gets a choice of activity type. Winner of the activity gets 3 points, then 2, 1, 0 1. ... More

F45 Training

"F45 Training is the new training technique leaving competition and clients gasping for air. F45 is the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world." Tonight the boys of RCL - Jono, McD, PPR, Ian, Wineborn, Knowles & Philly - took on the Docklands class in Tottenham Court Road. A ... More

Clock Action 2

Tonight’s session was topical... fortunately, it didn’t involve any sexual harassment or rape accusations, it was simply based on the clocks going back at the weekend. Three of us – myself, Dave and our very own Big Ben – ghosted around the park on Halloween. This was actually a repeat of the session I did last ... More