Bonnie Wee Laddies

Tonight 5 sturdy adventurers – BK, RB, PPR, DW and JH – took on a test ride of our 3 lakes challenge to get in shape and discovered that it will be really hard.
We traveled from Loch Lomond to Lake Windermere to Lake Bala. At each Lake working on first pumping up the Akwakats, then working our quads and our core in turn in two sets each. At each destination, to blend in and curry favour with our fellow countrymen, we adopted the local dialect and accents during our crossings.
In between lakes we worked on our endurance and teamwork.
Aye, the Bonnie Bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond,
1. V push ups to pump up the akwakats
2. A wee round of Jump squats
3. Cycle sit ups – elbows to knees
In a team we each took turns to lead us round the pitch at 80% pace working on our teamwork and drafting passing the glowing baton to the leader.
We then, in teams of 2 took on 3 pitch width and back sprints maintaining exceptional overall team velocity.
Lake Windermere, old chaps
1. Press ups tapping our chums fists together in the center when we reached the top
2. Dynamic lunges
3. Bridge, thrusting our groins into the air provocatively
At this point we were all having a Jolly Good Bash until we realized ruddy porno had forgotten the Champagne, what!
Back on the bikes as before.
At last, after much huffing and puffing, we reached the green hills and valleys of Wales and our destination the beautiful Lake Bala.
Lake Bala, boyos
1. Pulse press-ups
2. Step ups
3. Ivor Powells
There were much dodgy accents throughout and a fine team showing. We’ll need a few more of these before the big event.
Jon O’Hey

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