Swim Trials

Session: Cooper


With the majestic bank holiday weekend and summer drawing to a close it was left to four RCLers (Dave, RB, M McD and me) to fight it out in the fading sunlight.


The battleground was Roehampton’s two 25m stretches of water. Following a bit intimidation from RB to stop a paying member from interfering in our epic battle the teams were drawn (RB & McD vs Dave and TC) and assigned a lanes.


What followed was a series of races:


Standard Breast Stroke/Front Crawl (4x lengths per team)

Team under water challenge (2x)

Zog retrieval (2x)

Legs only with float

Zog throw,catch,swim (2x 3x)

Underwater frisbee

Tandem swim (one person arms while the other holds legs and uses his own legs + almost drowning) (2x)

Float between legs (2x) + Dave bumping his head on the end of the pool!!

Sprint (2x freestyle)


Though scoring was inaccurate RB and McD clearly won the day with all four swimmers left exhausted.


Until next time!

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