G20 – making the world great again

Session: Wineborn


4 attendees (Me, PPR, McD, BK) made it along for this session in atrocious conditions.


Tuesday’s session was themed around the G20 summit, and in particular was based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, aimed at wiping out poverty, fighting inequality and tackle climate change over the next 15 years (see attached).


Teams were split into the G19 (BK, PPR) and the +1 of Trump (DW, McD).


After a series of gruelling exercises in the p1ssing rain we decided to call it a day, with only about half of our sustainable goals met.


Fortunately the G19 won thanks to some rapid plank builders from BK, and the future of the planet, or at least Wandsworth Park, was secured for the evening.


Clean Water and Sanitation

2 laps – passing the water bottle every 5 metres  5 MINS


Strong institutions

20 seconds planking

20 seconds cross court crawl (5 metres)

20 seconds high knee forward and backward

15 second recovery between set, 4 sets  5 MINS


Life below water

2 laps – holding water bottles above your head  5 MINS


Good health and wellbeing

35 press ups

35 tuck jump

35 burpees

35 russian twists

X 2 5 MINS


Partnership for goals

50 water bottle passes sit ups

20 plank builders

X 2 5 MINS


Reduce inequalities

18 tri cep pushes

25 seconds left plank

25 seconds right plank

25 bicycle leg raises

X 2 5 MINS


Decent economic growth

Burpee tuck jumps 30 seconds

Plank reaches 30 seconds

15 seconds rest – 4 sets       5 MINS


Peace and justice

Hindu press ups 30 seconds

V sit up 30 seconds

Extreme salutation 30 seconds

Genie knee lift 30 seconds

10 seconds between 15 seconds, 4 sets  7 MINS

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