Russian Roulette

Last night’s session drew on recent world events and the news that Russia now has access to thousands of commercial and domestic routers in the UK and is able to monitor all traffic going across them. So, If they don’t poison you they’ll document your porn habits and use them against you! Ultimately, there is a chance of us all getting shafted by the Russians at some point, it’s just a question of when?!

The session involved an F45-style grid of bodyweight exercises (attached), touching on each of the 7 key muscle groups (abs, quads, glutes, triceps, biceps, back, chest). Each muscle group had 6 exercises, which were numbered 1-6.

Before starting each muscle group, the players (myself, David, Jono and Toby) each rolled a dice to determine which 4 exercises would form that set. The exercises were then performed one after another in 1min bursts with 15 sec break in between each.

This process was then repeated for each of the 7 groups.

The slight catch was that if anyone rolled a 6, they were deemed to have taken the bullet, not a live round, but something equally likely to make your brain hurt, A SHOT OF VODKA!

Thankfully, I didn’t roll any sixes but the others weren’t so lucky with Jono and Noz getting two shots and Toby one.

No doubt there are some sore heads this morning.

Do svidaniya!

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