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Metallica plays Wandsworth Arena

James (Knowles) Hetfield, Lars (McD) Ulrich and Kirk (GW) Hammett played a surprise and eclectic set under a moody Halloween sky. Against a sell out crowd (incl. 1 tramp, 4 runners, a bemused dog and a shrew), classic hits smashed out were: Don't tread on me - human hurdles Enter Sandman - creepy man carries ... More

Hula King

Last night saw Wizbot, myself and a welcome return for county Phil take on the Hula king challenge. With an array of different hoops we carried out a number of hula-themed activities. 1. Warm up 2. Circuits - 2 sets with 1 min exercise per station Hula practice Press ups Jumping in/out of a hoop raised ... More


Five hardy souls (myself, Bell, Hey, Knowles, Rugeroni) turned out last night to fight a battle of nuclear superpowers in order to prevent Armageddon... First was a 1/2 pitch sprint to determine teams, with positions 1,3,5 and 2,4 forming the teams as follows: North Korea - Bell, Knowles, me Rest of world - Jono, ... More

Monarch Madness

Tonight's session was (tentatively) based on the tragic demise of Monarch Airlines this week. Sadly, I've read that it all happened because the senior managers failed to act with speed and with skill. To make up for this, RCL's speed and skill were both on show this evening. With over 300,000 Brits stranded in ... More

Fitness Test: Summer 2017

5 RCLers met at the time-honoured RCL location for what must be our 25th or so fitness test: McD, Wimbern, RB, myself and our esteemed RCL-alum Tony Kitchen. A fine set of results with Wimbern able to join in the bleep test this time even without any acceleration, and McD blitzing 4 minutes in the plank - beating his ... More